Temporary employment agency

Employment agency

We specialize in both domestic and international job placement. We provide professional career counseling, job placement and employee leasing.

We organize recruitment in Poland and abroad. We invite everyone who needs temporary workers, as well as companies interested in the legal employment of a foreigner from Ukraine, Belarus or other countries.

We offer legality and attractive employment conditions. We make sure that our employee base includes people willing to work, with appropriate competences. Our partners always find with us the employees they are looking for, and people interested in working can count on excellent conditions and the care of coordinators throughout the search and employment period.

We verify the qualifications and skills of employees, ensuring that they have appropriate permits and organizing the necessary training. We have our own network of recruiters in Ukraine and Belarus, which allows us to quickly process customer orders.

Our enthusiasm, reliability and experience make us meet the expectations of employers and candidates at every stage of recruitment.

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Employee leasing

We have a database of employees from various countries. Regardless of the level of knowledge of the Polish language required by our clients, we provide candidates who meet all the required criteria. In addition, we provide all formalities related to the legalization of the work of a foreigner in Poland.

We take over all administrative and legal obligations related to the recruitment and employment of employees, including issues such as health and social insurance, research necessary to take up a job or payment of remuneration.

In addition, we supervise the employee, providing accommodation and meals. In the event of a sudden absence of an employee, we are able to quickly provide a replacement.

Our clients do not have to deal with time-consuming formalities related to hiring employees - we will take care of everything.

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Temporary job

There are periods of increased demand for workers in many industries. It may be related to staff turnover or sudden absences, but also to a period of increased sales or variable production cycles. In such a situation, our clients can use our database of temporary employees.

We recruit employees in accordance with the expectations of the employer and the requirements of the position. We also offer training and implementation programs, thanks to which temporary employees can quickly take up new duties.

Through the solution, which is the temporary work service, our clients gain the possibility of a flexible approach to the number of employees.

Employee outsourcing

Properly qualified personnel is the basis of a stable company. Dynamic changes on the Polish labor market very often make it difficult to find a sufficient number of employees or people with appropriate qualifications. Recruitment processes consume more and more time and are associated with increasing expenses. Therefore, employers are more and more willing to opt for employee outsourcing, which allows them to reduce the company's costs and manage it more efficiently. It is worth noting that hiring employees is a package of benefits not only for employers, but also for the employees themselves.


Thanks to many years of experience in recruiting and caring for employees, we know that increasing the scope of knowledge and skills of employees is the basis of any business.

For this reason, we care about improving the qualifications of employees, guaranteeing effectiveness and even better results of their work. We conduct a number of trainings based on the exchange of views and the transfer of reliable knowledge.

We offer courses that allow to acquire and develop skills in the field of:

  • OHS training,
  • professional courses.

Thanks to our trainings, employees hired with our help are easier to get into their positions and can do their work more efficiently. This, in turn, guarantees both the satisfaction of the employer and the employees themselves.

Legalization of stay

Our clients do not have to worry about issues such as the legality of employment of a foreigner. We take care of all issues related to obtaining a residence permit and legal employment by a foreigner.

Our services include:

  • registration of residence of citizens of countries belonging to the European Union,
  • invitations,
  • temporary residence permit,
  • temporary residence and work permits,
  • work permits (type A, B, C, D and E),
  • permanent residence permits,
  • family reunification permits,
  • residence permit for EU long-term resident .

Thanks to us, our clients can be sure that they employ a person from outside Poland legally, and employees - that all necessary formalities have been completed, enabling them to work safely and legally in Poland. This secures both parties and makes it easier to establish satisfactory cooperation.

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