About us

We are a nationwide company combining a temporary employment agency with transport, renovation and finishing services. We come from the city of Tomaszow Mazowiecki. We are an international company with entirely Polish capital.

The main and leading industry in which we specialize is employee leasing as part of a temporary employment agency. Our staff is a group of qualified employees in the field of HR - including those who have been recruiting and servicing personnel for many years. We recruit employees in Poland and abroad. As an employment agency, we help both companies that want to outsource some of their human resources duties to an external company, as well as candidates for work in Poland.

The services we provide are distinguished by flexibility, individual approach and attractive conditions. We always meet customer expectations, creating the possibility of implementing non-standard and particularly demanding orders.

Our offer of transport and repairs is directed to both companies and individuals. We provide comprehensive transport and construction services because we want to relieve the client who entrusts us with the task as much as possible. Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in the field of shipping, renovation, construction, installation and maintenance.

Why is it worth trusting us?

The most important for us is what our customers expect. We listen carefully and adjust our offer to your expectations and needs. Thanks to many years of experience, we know how to provide services in very demanding industries
thanks to this:
- we have all the necessary tools,
- we are able to choose the best methods of operation,
- by entrusting us with the execution of orders, you avoid making basic mistakes resulting from the lack of tools or experience.

On the other hand, regular customers using our employment services have repeatedly found out that we are always able to work out a favorable solution for both the employer and the employee. Working with us virtually eliminates the need to have an HR department. In addition, we have a large base of employees from various industries, whose qualifications are always checked and confirmed by us. Thanks to this, our clients save time and money, being sure that thanks to cooperation with us, the tasks in their companies will always be well performed.

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Employment agency

We specialize in both domestic and international job placement.

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Interior finishes

We specialize in renovation and finishing works, removals and cleaning services after renovation and demolition.

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We provide professional transport of sea containers from the largest Polish and European ports.

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What makes us stand out?


the most important for us is the customer and his satisfaction. That is why we are constantly developing and improving our working methods so that the level of our services is higher and higher every day. Our staff is constantly gaining new, useful skills and invaluable knowledge used in the implementation of orders.


over the years we have performed work in which it was necessary to use a wide range of knowledge and skills. This allowed us to acquire invaluable experience. Thanks to this, we are able to carry out even the most unusual orders, requiring unconventional thinking and innovative methods.

Qualified staff

our employees have the experience and competences necessary to provide the highest quality services. Before starting each order, the staff gets acquainted with the activities to be performed as well as the sequence of work and technologies to be used during them.

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